School axes uniforms to help kids survive heatwave as letter pleads with parents

A secondary school has ditched uniforms to help its students survive as Britain bakes in a blistering heatwave.

Parents at Stokesley School were told that their children can wear cooler clothes to class on Monday to cope with the heatwave.

It comes after forecasters predicted that the UK’s record of 38.7C could be smashed with highs of 43C in the coming days.

Temperatures at the school in North Yorkshire are expected to reach 27C with beaming sunshine throughout the day, reports Teesside Live.

Pupils at the school in North Yorkshire were allowed to come in wearing their PE kit on Monday when temperatures, according to a letter sent to parents.

A message sent to parents read: “Due to extremely high temperatures predicted on Monday all students can come in their PE kit. Please wear sun cream and bring plenty of water.”

Temperatures in the area on Monday are expected to peak at lunchtime and ease slightly down to 20C on Tuesday night.

Warnings were issued for the UK with the mercury set to rise above 32C on Tuesday, making the country hotter than the Maldives.

Experts fear it could reach a scorching 43C on Sunday “obliterating” the previous record of 38.7C in Cambridge in July 2019.

Crowds descended on beaches and parks to soak up the 29C sunshine yesterday.

Meteorologists say the hot weather is being sparked by hot air from Europe.

The Met Office set out its official definition of a heatwave as the mercury soars.

The threshold is met when daily maximum temperatures are recorded for at least three days in a row in a particular area.

For the north-east, the daytime figure is 28C.

Parts of the south-east of England are now at an amber level 3 heat alert which means there is a 90 per cent likelihood this threshold will be breached.

While the north-east remains at level 1 with a 30% likelihood.

An NHS Foundation Trust last week advised parents not to let children run around in the sun and to ensure they stay hydrated.

The trust wrote on Twitter: “Don’t allow your children to stay in the sun for long periods – and never leave them in a car on a hot day. Resting in the shade and finding cool places is important.”

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