Butlin’s is opening a huge fairground with four new rides including a giant swing

Butlin’s has revealed plans for a thrilling new fairground attraction, complete with FOUR rides for kids and grown-ups to enjoy on family holidays.

The staycation giant has offered a sneak peek at a brand new immersive fairground coming to its Skegness resort, and it has everything you could want for a fun day at the fair.

For a start there will be music, lights and food stalls serving up the likes of candyfloss, ice cream, hotdogs and doughnuts.

Of course the highlight is sure to be the four fairground rides – including a UK first.

Eclipse will be the first of its kind and will allow riders to sit back to back, legs dangling below, as the ride’s two arms intertwine for what they’re promising will be a “thrilling, gravity-driven experience”.

It’s not the only thrill attraction on offer; there will also be the 15-metre high Orbiter, a bounce and drop tower ride.

There’s also plenty of fun to be had for smaller tots who aren’t quite ready for the thrills.

The Santa Fe Train will offer a gentle journey for all ages, while the ‘Super Swing’ is aimed at all ages from toddlers through to teens, lighting up as it accelerates.

The new fairground is due to open its doors in Easter 2023 and when it does, it means the Skegness resort will have 12 rides for families.

The highly-anticipated offering will include six different zones, each with slides, climbing towers and even the longest seesaw in the UK (coming in at an impressive 78ft). In the middle will be the 45ft Tower of Excitement which has panoramic sea views and an illuminated 32ft slide.

Each of the zones will be inspired by emotions, and will cater to specific age ranges.

The Joy section will be for under 5s, while Excitement, Happiness and Surprise is catered for 6-12-year-olds.

Others will be designed for all ages, including a large playground and sensory games. There will also be wheelchair-accessible rides such as roundabouts and trampolines.

For those in need of refreshments, the playground will also offer a new cafe and outdoor terrace at the park serving drinks and snacks.

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